Engineering structures reflect the image of Engineers and Architects of the period they are constructed. Nepal lacks infrastructures in several sectors like Transportation, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Urban Environment, Energy Sectors, Telecommunication, Industrial Infrastructures, (more…)

Highways and Urban Planning

Developing Highways and Urban areas that will create comfort to the users is our goal. We promise to develop the infrastructures focusing on proper planning so that (more…)

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic design can bring happiness to the people. Appearance of Highways, buildings, bridges, parks, recreational facilities is important. Therefore, we focus not only on safety of the structures and facilities but also their (more…)

Overseas Projects

Our another mission is to involve in the overseas projects with high quality services. We believe that exposure in the global market increases our competiveness. Dr. Jhabindra Prasad Ghimire has long

Asha Consulting Group

Asha Consulting Group (ACG) Pvt. Ltd. hereafter ACG is an Engineering and Consulting company with the aim of developing Civil and Architectural infrastructures in Nepal.

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